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Triton Amesbury Jr Maples - Inaugural Season Update
Dear Hockey Families, I hope everyone’s summers are going...
Registration for our 2021/2022 Learn to Skate/Learn to Play...
Dear Amesbury-Triton Hockey Families, Welcome to the 2021-22...
Dear Triton-Amesbury Youth Hockey Families: We are pleased to...
Triton Amesbury Jr Maples - Inaugural Season Update

Dear Hockey Families,

I hope everyone’s summers are going great! Believe it or not September is right around the corner and we are looking forward to getting back on the ice, greeting familiar faces, as well as welcoming those of you that are joining us for the first time. As we prepare for the start of our 2021-2022 season, there is information we want to share with you, timelines you need to know, as well as volunteer opportunities to support roles and activities crucial to the success of our league.

Let’s start at the foundation, “Why are we the Junior Maples?” The Junior Maples is a tribute to the original Maples, one of the oldest continuously operating amateur hockey clubs in the nation. The team was founded in 1924, as French-Canadian families came to Merrimack Valley for factory work and brought hockey with them. This season represents the merge of several communities in Merrimack Valley, on both sides of the mighty Merrimack river. The Jr. Maples pays homage to our local hockey heritage and the team that ignited a passion for the game, which still burns today, in this corner of New England.

Now that we know who we are, we need to get going and build upon our foundation. We will need volunteer help for the following activities and roles:

  • Fundraiser events
  • Sponsorships
  • Recruitment
  • Learn to Skate / Learn to Play program
  • Team Managers
  • Website and Social Media Merger – Creating and building up Pictures and Content for our new brand

We encourage anyone who has the time, the fresh ideas, the interest and/or expertise to offer in any of these areas to please get involved. This is also a great way to meet more people in the league and make new friends. You can reach out to Scott Guertin at or Rachel Bain at for more information.

Finally, don’t forget these important timelines:

  • August 20th  - USA Hockey registrations are due!!  Please send us your confirmation right away.
  • Week of September 1st goalie practices will start. Schedule to be announced.
  • Week of September 7th season will start for all players. Schedule to be announced. We are working on a preliminary schedule for practices. However, until the Valley League schedule is released, we cannot finalize our schedule.
  • Weekend of September 10th Valley League games will start. Schedule to be announced as soon as we receive it.
  • Tuition Payment Schedule:
    • Sep. 1st is the 4th pay installment
    • Oct. 1st is the 5th and final pay installment. 100% of tuition should be settled at this time

We are very excited about this upcoming season! There is so much opportunity for our league to pull together as a team both on and off the ice and create a strong brand that represents the best of Triton and Amesbury Youth Hockey.

by posted 08/15/2021

Registration for our 2021/2022 Learn to Skate/Learn to Play Hockey (Fall Session) is now open! 

This program begins on October 16th and runs for 10 weeks on Saturday mornings from 8:00-8:50 at the Graf Rink in Newburyport, MA.   

What is it:
This is a program for kids ages 3-10 with or without skating experience. We run two programs on the ice each week as described below. 

  1. Learn to Skate Program is for kids who are just learning how to skate. This is a new experience for young kids and our goal is to simply get them comfortable on the ice and learn the fundamentals of skating.  We use old milk crates to push around the ice for the beginners while they get their balance, and the goal is to have them skate on their own by the end of the session.   
  1. Learn to Play Hockey Program is for kids who have completed the Learn to Skate program and are ready to try the game of hockey. Kids should be able to skate on their own, get up off the ice without assistance and have a desire to participate. The coaches will teach skating and hockey skills in a cross-ice environment. This program is perfect to prepare kids for the Mite Instructional Hockey League next fall which is a 3v3 competitive but fun league.

Both programs are run by Amesbury/Triton coaching staff who do a terrific job encouraging the kids to have fun and learn while being in a supervised environment. All coaches are USA Hockey certified and CORI checked and often have a support staff of high school hockey players and other volunteers to help them on the ice.

How:  Please click HERE to register.

What do I need?

  1. Learn to Skate Program: All registered participants are required to wear skates, helmets (preferably one with face protection), elbow & knees pads while on the ice. Gloves or mitten are also recommended. All participants are also required to register with USA Hockey for insurance liability purposes. The registration is free for birth years 2014 and up.  The registration link for USA Hockey is below.   https://membership.usahockey.com/register/age
  1. Learn to Play Hockey Program: All registered participants are required to register with USA Hockey and is free for birth years 2014 and up, and $46 for all others. The registration link for USA Hockey is below.  https://membership.usahockey.com/register/age

This program requires the following hockey equipment.  See links below where you can purchase beginner sets which is perfect for this program.    

  • HECC Hockey Helmet
  • Jersey
  • Skates
  • Shin Guards
  • Hockey Pants
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Stick
  • Jock/Cup

Starter Hockey Equipment Packages:

  • If you prefer in-person attention, the folks at TSR Hockey in Salem are great:
    5 Kelly Road, Salem, NH 03079 || 603-898-7777
    Hours: Monday - Friday 10a - 7p || Saturday 9a - 5p || Sunday 10a-4p
    Click HERE for map and directions

If you're interested in learning more about these types of programs, this is a great overview: https://www.purehockey.com/support/learn_to_play_hockey_for_beginners/pg_id/6001/​​

Thank you for registering for the Fall 2021/22 Learn to Skate/Learn to Play Hockey Program! We at AYHL look forward to providing a fun and rewarding on-ice experience for area kids keen on improving their skating ability and developing the confidence on and off the ice that goes along with this skill. See you soon at the Rink! 

by posted 08/15/2021

Dear Amesbury-Triton Hockey Families,

Welcome to the 2021-22 hockey season.  Registrations are now open for every level.  Please click on the "Register Online" or "Register Now" buttons on the home page to register your child for their appropriate level. 

Mite: Birth Years 2013-2014

Squirt: Birth Years 2011-2012

Peewee: Birth Years 2009-2010

Bantam: Birth Years 2007-2008

**Registration and initial deposit must be completed by May 1, 2021 to secure your spot on a team** 

by posted 04/18/2021

Dear Triton-Amesbury Youth Hockey Families:

We are pleased to announce the rosters for the 2021-2022 season which can be found via the links below. 

Please note that player/goalie registrations will be opened this weekend and all families are required to register and make their initial deposit prior to May 1st to secure a spot on their assigned team.  We will issue a separate notification over the weekend once the registration is live.  Please note that this is separate from the tryout registration and all families must register for upcoming season separately.   

  1. Mites: We are targeting two teams at the Mite level and intend to host a supplemental tryout in the late summer/early fall to finalize these rosters.  We understand that some families missed tryouts as they are new to hockey and we want to give everyone a chance to get placed onto a team.  
  1. Squirts: We will have two strong squirt teams next season.  We intend to move one more player from the Squirt A team to the Squirt AA team in the fall during parity round. 
  1. Peewees: We will have three peewee teams next season.  We intend to move 1-2 more players from the Peewee AA2 and Peewee A teams to the Peewee AA1 team in the fall during parity round. 
  1. Bantams: We will have three bantam teams next season.  The Bantam AAA team will consist of a half season for the 9th graders and a few 8th graders.  The Bantam AA1 and AA2 teams will be full season teams. 

Please note that all rosters are subject to change depending on the final registration counts when the season begins. If you do not see your child's name on a team and you intend to play next season, please notify us immediately as follows:

Triton:  Erin Berger @ erinberger@gmail.com

Amesbury: Scott Guertin @ sguertin@comcast.net


Below are the team roster links:

Mite Rosters


Squirt Rosters


Peewee Rosters


Bantam Rosters


Thank You,

Triton-Amesbury Board of Directors

by posted 04/16/2021